De Haus

Where peanut shells are thrown to the floor! The Place to Drink Gin! The Slow Drink approach! Next to the best Burgers in Brussels! In the middle of street! A comfy haus is a great source of happiness. Probably the best toilets in Brussels! Take a pee in the Jungle! All is fair in love and gin! WTF, they actually do table service! Let’s get together. How ’bout a quarter to ten? Happy days are here again. Where drinking is good! You won’t miss the light bulbs. Give me my Gin & Tonic! Happy Hour on Tuesday & Wednesday Beauty lies in the hands of the Gin holder. Sometimes, we let you rent De Haus! No gin? No party! Rent our place, contact us for more info! Now is the time to drink! Where Gin makes you stronger! Lots of choice, lots of quality drinks! Where waiters come to your table! Baby, let’s play Haus music! Drinks for the mind and the body! Our Haus is your Haus! 52 gins & 10 tonics… What else? Fernand Cocq’s Only Gin Spot! Sometimes we throw a party.